green leavesMicro-Licensing Platform,
expanding the success of
digital publishing

Writers and publishers now have powerful new ways to securely sell, re-purpose, and distribute digital versions of their works across the Internet, considerably increasing their income potential. SavoirSoft's Marque-de™ micro-licensing platform makes distributing your digital works to vast numbers of consumers safe, simple, and lucrative.

eBook Distribution

Textbooks, Fiction & Nonfiction

Creating awareness and capturing interest in your works is difficult on the Internet. Micro-licensing extends your success beyond eReaders and tablets.

Article Reprints

Journals, Magazines & Newspapers

Increase advertising reach, better understand readers' profiles, and amplify your reading audience. Open new revenue channels with secure article reprints.

Specialty Publishing

Newsletters, Sheet-Music & Blueprints

Digital distribution should not preclude physical consumption. The Internet's vast reach and immense revenue opportunities can be leveraged by you too.