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Achieve Your Publishing Goals Are you prepared for the opportunities and threats to your business
as the functionalities computers, tablets, web-enabled televisions,
eReaders, and smart-phones, converge?

Distributing your published works digitally offers vast new marketing,
sales, and income opportunities by satisfying the desires of millions
who digitally consume such works-of-art.  However, technologies
that digitally replicate materials also make it easy to duplicate and
transmit perfect copies of anything existing in digital form.

Mechanical DRM systems promise solutions, but in fact limit the
ability to succeed in the world of digital distribution.  Publishers
not only need to protect copyrights, but need to fortify them too,
while retaining publishing traditions they and their readers deserve.

Intellectual property, micro-licensing empowers digital publishing.
Engage Users on all Platforms Consumers have high expectations of publishers and the works they
distribute digitally.  Certainly today, and likely in the future as well,
consumers are drawn to publications and publishers who:
  • Provide interoperability among computing devices
  • Enable digital works to be downloaded from multiple sources
  • Permit consumers to print, loan and gift digital works
Reading is often a social, communal experience.  Publishers who
enable these traditions in our digital age now leverage this natural
activity, and in turn, they are expanding their publishing audience.

The challenge, however, requires tracking intellectual property
rights and fortifying the copyrights of works distributed digitally.

The solution for consumers and publishers is: "micro-licensing."
Expand Valuable Traditions Digital distribution should not preclude physical consumption
or other important and invaluable publishing benefits.

Micro-licensing inscribes into each digital work a unique
consumer fingerprint and the license terms they accepted.
This actually permits you to safely multiply your works'
utility, increasing its value to your publishing business.

Micro-licensing gives you the option and flexibility to:
  • Offer your works on the most preferred platforms
  • Develop analytics of readers' preferences and interests
  • Sell highly valued, targeted advertising to your sponsors
Digital distribution advances publishing conventions.
Fit Your Publishing Objectives Imagine responding to your readers' individual needs by offering
the same digital work using different licensing terms and price-
points based on their needs. For instance, licensing the same
content using three different intellectual property licenses for:
  • personal use only, AND;
  • non-commercial duplication, AND;
  • commercialized derivative publications
permits you to leverage the same work, offering it to different
consumers at different prices, thereby increasing your revenues.

Repurposing your works in multiple ways multiplies its value not
only to your consumers, but to your publishing business as well.

Only intellectual property micro-licensing provides this advantage.
Leverage Emerging Models One of the great challenges for publishing success is creating
awareness and capturing consumers' interest in your works.

Today's social networks have proven very helpful in this regard.
But it is the W3C's Resource Descriptive Framework (RDF) and
HTML5's, semantic search standards that are proving to be the
ultimate engines that power discoveries of your works.

Publishers using Marque-de's Content Search Universe (CSU)
travel beyond legacy searching.  Publishers can join CSU's
collaborative constellation of digital collections, enabling the
works of all CSU collections to be found from any collection.

CSU collections power discoveries of your publications.
Innovating Digital Publishing Mechanical digital-rights-management (DRM) systems used by digital
publishing software suppliers, device manufacturers, and eBook
distributors do not strengthen copyrights.  Such DRM systems only
prevent duplicating, loaning, and printing digital works-of-art.

Mechanical DRM presumes consumers will infringe copyrights.

Publishers using Marque-de have a different philosophy.  Using
I.P. licensing methods, they inform consumers of the rights
reserved and the rights granted.  They inscribe these terms
and consumers' I.D.'s into works using document fingerprints.

Marque-de makes it easy to fortify copyrights of digital works
using legally durable, traceable intellectual property licenses.

Traceable, I.P. document fingerprints = Social DRM
Platform Designed for Publishers Marque-de micro-licensing platform eliminates the technology,
copyright licensing and oversight burdens of administering
digitally distributed intellectual property, works-of-art.

There are no browser plug-ins or client-server apps to install.
The platform uses state-of-the-art, rich Internet application
tools, and it is architected with best-in-class, web-services.
No 3rd party software licenses need to be purchased.

The patented platform may be deployed traditionally or
through SavoirSoft's cloud services.  Marque-de™ includes:
  • User Rights Services
  • Library Rights Services
  • Content Royalty Services
  • Licensing Services
  • Tracking Services
The Technology Prerequisites
There are none...!!!

SavoirSoft developed the Marque-de platform so you and your
customers do not have to worry about proprietary file types,
device dependencies, or constraints dictated by distributors.

We offer and open the platform for all types of publishers
to ensure they can safely commercialize the Internet's vast
networking capabilities and massive distribution capacity even
as the functionalities of computing devices converge. Why...???

SavoirSoft's mission is to keep open the world of publishing to
the world's masses for the world's greater benefit, because:

Publishing enables discoveries, innovations, and freedom.
Pricing & Deployment Options SavoirSoft can customize the Marque-de micro-licensing
platform to seemlessly integrate with your existing website's
design, incorporating your publishing brand throughout.

The "Enterprise License" permits full customization of the
platform through SavoirSoft's professional services.  Or to
integrate your website's branding with the platform, but
pass system administration responsibilities on to SavoirSoft,
select our "Branded Cloud" services option.

Feel free to try out the Marque-de licensing platform at:, and give us a call. We want to help your
publication succeed in this era of Internet distribution.
* features, prices and fees subject to change
Call us at: (408) 419-1902

Digital Publishing Success
Fit Your Business - repurposing multiplies value
Tap Emerging Models - digital-content-services
Achieve Goals - expand market opportunities
Micro-Licensing Control
The Innovation - flexibly fortify copyrights
Valuable Traditions - safe physical consumption
Engage Users - best source for new audiences
Web Services Foundation
The System Platform - robust, secure, scalable
Prerequisites - non-proprietary & unrestricted
Pricing & Deployment - simply cost effective