pile of booksSurpass the Reach of
eReaders & Tablets

The really important elements of great research, writing and editing are not going away. What is changing is how readers are engaged. SavoirSoft's patented Marque-de platform unlocks the immense potential of distributing works digitally for use on all current AND future computing devices.

Fortify Copyright Security

Social DRM Respects Readers & Writers

Mechanical DRM systems cannot offer usage options. Marque-de provides the flexibility and strength of intellectual property rights licenses fingerprinted into each work.

Penetrate Web's Obscurity

Link to Digital Collections & Libraries

Marque-de's Content Search Universe (CSU) links your publications to other CSU collections so readers can search and find the works from all publishers via multiple access points.

Expand Reader Engagement

Repurpose Works Multiplies Benefits

License chapters, sections, addendums for added opportunities to engage readers. Marque-de enables works to be uniquely leveraged, increasing their value to you and your readers.