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broadcast your brand

Imagine licensing reprints in multiple ways, selecting pricing based on usage while providing your readers with access to content in ways they value. SavoirSoft designed our patented Marque-de platform to secure your content, give you control, and to expand the benefits of your brand to your readers and advertisers.

Extend Advertisers' Reach

Targeted Ad Placement on Reprints

No longer just for social networks, search providers, and web-sites. Marque-de enables ad placements for precisely targeted, thus more valuable, audiences.

Leverage Brand Knowledge

Profile Awareness = More Opportunities

Advertisers want the most responsive audiences they can reach. Marque-de enables advanced analytics, increasing your brand's value to your advertisers.

Amplify Your Audience

Your Best Source to New Readers

Your current subscribers can be your best avenues to new readers. Marque-de taps subscribers' willingness to promote your brand with secure, controlled reprints.