sheet music and blueprintsDigital Distribution,
infinite opportunities

The Web can now be a lucrative distribution channel and revenue source for all digital versions of graphic and text-based works-of-art. The patented Marque-de platform was designed by SavoirSoft to make it simple to license and control your intellectual property rights for the works you distribute digitally.

Secure Unique Works

Licenses Fortify Intellectual Property

Marque-de automates intricate I.P. licensing processes and copyright protections, making it simple to securely commercialize your valuable works-of-art.

Expand Sales Channels

Tap Emerging Digital-Content-Services

Publishers utilize content-as-a-service models to extend their audience reach. Marque-de enables you to leverage similar methods to increase sales and awareness of your works.

Innovate Valuable Traditions

Digitally Distribute - Physically Consume

Paper remains the medium of choice for most speciality publications. Marque-de inscribes unique digital fingerprints into and onto content that follow their users.